On the slopes of the tallest active Volcano in Europe pe lays the lava stone walls that contain small terraces with the local varieties Nerello Mascalese and Carricante.

Etna's vineyards have hiostoricall being classified into Contrada's (CRU) each representing a different expression of local grapes according to lava stratification micro and meso-climate.

The result is wines that have the austerity of the Mountain and the sapidity of sea influence and a great ability to age. 


With 15 different vineyards in 7 different "Contrade" we actually make 7 cru natural wines  at altitudes ranging from 500mt to 1000mt above sea level(.see infographics below showing the geographical location of our vineyards and the relative cru wines associated . 7 Ha of vineyards in the northern slopes of Mount Etna 

Mappa vigneti 20cm

Contrada Saette (Mascali) North East of Etna  : small alberello terraces of Nerello Mascalese 500mt  above sea level. Poor lavic land exposed to sea breeze

Contrada Galfina (Linguaglossa) North East of Etna: small alberello terraces of Nerello Mascalese prephylloxera  Grenache Syrah 620mt to 800mt above sea level. Incredible biodiversity and complexity

Contrada Montedolce (Solicchiata) North of Etna: alberello and cordon from 40 to 80yrs old Nerello Mascalese and Grenache 1000 mt above sea level great austerity given by altitude

Contrada Settesalme (Passopiscairo) North of Etna: alberello and cordon 4 yrs old Carricante grillo Moscato Catarratto 650mt above sea level

Mixed argilla and lavic soil

Contrada Santo Spirito (Passopisciaro) North of Etna: alberello and cordon from 12 to 80yrs old Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio  780 mt above sea level vineyard planted on 15 cm of lava rocks 

Contrada Savina and Montedolce (Randazzo) North of Etna: cordon 40yrs old Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio  750 mt above sea level

Great terroir of deep land 

Contrada Donnabianca  (Randazzo) North of Etna: cordon 40yrs old Carricante 800 mt above sea level

Conrtada Saette
Conrtada Saette

Contrada Saette Presa

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Vineyard in Presa Contrada Saette

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Vineyard in Contrada Settesalme Passopisciaro

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We farm our contrade, or sub zones, in Presa(also home to the eco-agriturismo), Linguaglossa, Solicchiata, Passopisciaro and Randazzo, all based on the north-eastern side of the volcano.

Each contrada is treated separately, as each parcel has a distinct lava stratification, mesoclimate, and exposition.


The resulting wines are a panoply of various expressions of Etna’s terroir.

The vineyards are trained in alberello style, or bush trained, an ancient method traditionally used on Etna and initially brought by the greeks and perfectioned by the Romans.

The vines are planted on land that is terraced with dry-stone walls constructed with the local volcanic stones so omnipresent on Etna’s slopes. The close proximity of the vines (6,000 - 9,000 plants per hectare) creates firce competition and forces the roots to point downward in the volcanic soil in search of water and nutrients.

The altitude of the vineyards varies from 600 to 1000 meters above sea level.

The extreme weather conditions and drastic diurnal shifts (an average of 16°C between day and night) result in wines of great phenolic profile, complexity, and longevity.

In the vineyards we use only a Bordeaux mixture (copper sulphate) in omeopathic doses , and all fermentations are spontaneous, using onlyindigenous yeast colonies. 

The wines are neither fied nor fitered. When possible, we avoid the addition of sulphites,
but in rare cases we allow ourselves to add a maximum of 30mg/lt.
In addition to wine growing, we farm numerous varieties of olives and fruit that are indigenous to Etna.

We produce extra virgin olive oil, cider and many diffrent types of high quality jams.

We have a total of 19 hectares of land: the vineyards, the winery, the cellar, and a traditional styled agriturismo made from volcanic stone. Shop wines