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extra virgin olive oil cold pressed 

Biodiversity is the key words in our orchards , together with grapes we farm olive trees and fruit orchards .

We farm organically harvest in early stages of ripeness to preserve maximum poliphenolic content and press at cold temperature within 4h 

The result is an incredibly fragrant long lasting medium bodied extra virgin 



After finishing the grape harvest we immediately start picking olives , we do it in a big group so that we guarantee processing at the mill each day


At the Mill

Milling olive oil is a crucial moment as we don't let too much time pass between harvesting and pressing . Additionally we use a 2 phases extraction mill in proximity of our orchards , this allow us to keep temperature of extraction at max 24° celsius (cold extraction) and do not use hot water  in the second phase, this guarantees the best quality



We leave the oilve oil in sealed steel containers and let it decant by gravity, after approximately 1 month (according also to moon and temperatures ) we rack the clear part and confection in 0,5lt bottles and 2 lt cans without filtering

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